Play Kitchen Toy Accessories

Play Kitchen AccessoriesWe’ve shared our love for play kitchens in our Ikea Duktig Makeover post! They’re unisex, fun and look oh-so-cute in bedrooms and playrooms. Today we’re sharing some of our favourite  play kitchen accessories to compliment your little chef’s worktops:

1. Duktig 5-piece kitchen utensil set –  A great and affordable set of mini utensils.

2. Fine Little Day Children’s Apron – The coolest kids apron around. 

3. Duktig 5-piece cookware set – Mini pots and pans for cooking up a storm. 

4. Early Learning Centre Wooden Toaster – A sweet little toaster set with everything your little one needs to make a pretend snack. 

5. Hape Coffee Maker – We love this wooden Coffee Maker, excellent for mini cappuccinos! 

6. Melissa & Doug Housekeeping Tools – This 6-Pc play set gives kids all the housekeeping tools they need to keep their kitchen clean!

7. Le Toy Van Fresh Fish – A stylish crate of six glittery wooden fish. 

8. Le Toy Van Blender Set – Everything your kiddo needs to make some delicious smoothies. 

9. Honeybake Bunch of Blooms – A crate of 6 detailed fabric flowers, because every kitchen  needs flowers! 

10. Salt & Pepper Print – Display a small framed print as a nice decor touch. 

11. Melissa and Doug Metal Shopping Basket With Play Food – A lovely mix of play food to stock the kitchen with, along with a shopping basket.

12. Crochet Cactus – If play flowers won’t do it, an adorable crochet cactus will look great beside your chosen artwork. 

13. Honeybake Harvest Vegetables – The kids will love these colourful vegetables, which look like they’ve just been plucked fresh from the garden.

14. Le Toy Van Mixer Set – All the necessary ingredients and gadgets to make a cake. 

15. Melissa & Doug Shopping Trolley – If you have the space, a mini shopping trolley is bound to make an excellent addition to your toy kitchen!

What do you think of our top picks? Does your little one have a play kitchen?