Finlay’s Custom Kokeshi Doll From Sketch Inc

DIY KOEKSHI DOLL | CKFinlay's Custom Kokeshi Doll From Sketch Inc | Chalk Kids

Firstly, can I state the obvious. How adorable is Finlay’s custom Kokeshi Doll from Sketch Inc. I’ve had one of these on my wish-list for a while now and as Finlay’s birthday is coming up *cough* in a couple of months *cough* I couldn’t help contact Becky. Becky’s works come to life in her home studio in the South-East of England, but creations reside all over the world! 

When I got in touch I had a number of  ideas, but Becky was wonderful at offering her advice in order to create exactly what I was after – a character that captured Finlay’s personality and style. In the end, we decided on his Young One Apparel Jumper and cross leggings. I also asked for a little pet bear, as we’ve always had a bit of a bear theme going on since F was a baby. 

I’m sure you can tell, but I couldn’t be more thrilled with the end results! It was such a joy to work with Becky – my order was created and posted in under two weeks! My hope is that Finlay will treasure his dolls long past childhood and that they’ll be a lovely keepsake from his toddler years.

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To order your own custom Kokeshi Doll visit Becky’s website

– Steph x