5 Minutes With Family Vlogger, Hannah Maggs

A Chat With Hannah Maggs | Chalk KidsHi Hannah! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?

Hey! Sure thing…okay so I’m 26 and Mummy to my one and a half year old son Grayson (or Gracie as we like to call him). My husband and I film our lives together each week, and on Sundays we upload our weekly vlog. I have a blog and make-up bag business too, so I’m one busy lady! I adore anything that contains coconut, am an avid Yogi, and I hate cooking!

Your Youtube Channel is hugely popular. What inspired you to start vlogging?

I was the first in my circle of friends to fall pregnant, and with my Mother not being around anymore, I looked to YouTubers to get pregnancy advice and tips. Watching them week by week, I thought, ‘I could do that!’, so I did. Week by week I sat down in front of the camera and documented my pregnancy, how I was feeling, what I was craving, what I’d been buying; everything. I wanted to think that I might help someone else who felt a little overwelmed, the way the Youtubers I had watched had helped me. Eventually when little G was born, my viewers asked me to carry on filming, and so it naturally progressed into a family vlog.

5 Minutes With Hannah Maggs | Chalk Kids5 Minutes With Vlogger Hannah Maggs | Chalk KidsHannah Maggs | Chalk Kids Blog

You also sell handmade makeup bags. Could you see yourself expanding Maggs London products in the future?

I’m planning a couple of other things to add to the collection as we speak, it’s a lot of work on top of everything else so I think it’ll take me double as long as it should, but I’ll get there. I’m excited about the new bits, I just want to wait until everything is perfect until I launch them!

Your vlogs have such a beautiful visual style. In your opinion what’s the key to creating a great YT video?

Just being proud of what you create and knowing you did the best you could. Being yourself, loving capturing moments and really thinking about composition and shots. Always pushing yourself to be better and make better content.

Hannah Maggs Makeup Bags | CKHannah Maggs Makeup Bags | Chalk KidsHannah Maggs Makeup | Chalk Kids

What’s the biggest challenge for you and Stef when it comes to releasing weekly vlogs?

The time it takes for my husband to edit, we need more hours in the day as we both tend to work in the evenings. We also sometimes feel we haven’t really done or said anything much!

Do you have a favourite out of all the videos you’ve made?

Apart from my son Grayson’s birth, there’s a vlog I love called ‘Goodbye America’. I’m not sure why it’s my favourite, perhaps it’s the nostalgia for that holiday and little G being so, well, little!

What would your subscribers be surprised to know about you?

I’m actually quite a private person, which sounds silly coming from someone who chooses to put so much of their life on Youtube, but I tend to hold my cards quite close to my chest.

Interview With Vlogger Hannah Maggs | Chalk KidsGrayson | Chalk Kids BlogHannah Maggs Interview | Chalk Kids Blog

Your one-year-old, Grayson is such a sweetheart! What advice would you give a first-time mummy?

Enjoy every single moment, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get everything right. Remember you can’t be the perfect parent, we’re all learning as we go. Don’t compare yourself to other Mums, we’re all doing our thing, in our own way.

Lastly, what do you love most about living in London as a young family?

There’s always SO much to do. If you wanted to, you could have a different adventure or experience every single day.

Thanks so much for chatting to us Hannah! Make sure you check out Hannah & Stef’s amazing Youtube channel or follow them on Facebook.