Little Nulle Rocks & More Fury Friends On The Way…

Little Nulle by luckyboysunday | CK

It’s always exciting when an e-mail from LUCKYBOYSUNDAY pings up in our mailbox. Their latest plush friend “Little Nulle” has proved to be an instant hit since he joined the coveted LBS doll collection. Cute, fury and amazingly soft – How could anyone not love him? 

But here’s the exciting part… 

“We are sooo happy that our brand NEW plush friend “Little Nulle” joined the collection. He is already one of the favourites, and is quite popular to be photographed with 🙂 By the way, he is made of fake fur-but please don´t tell him that! (he honestly think he`s alive and real)

When our knitted dolls are born, they start out really fury and cute, and rumour has is that more little fury friends are following in the fall.

A whole bunch of them in fact.”

We can’t wait for Fall to see what new secret friends LBS has in store for us. But in the meantime if you’ve been spying Little Nulle on Instagram you can buy your very own from stockists such as Cissy Wears or Scandi Mini