Holly & Beau: Childrenswear That Changes Colour In The Rain.

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We never thought we’d look forward to a rainy day, but this unique rainwear collection from Holly & Beau is the perfect antidote to grey clouds and showers. Their high quality children’s clothing burst with colour whenever water splashes onto the designs. They then return to their original colour once dry. This exciting process is repeated every time the fabric comes into contact with water.

Brother and sister, Jack and Fleur founded Holly and Beau in July 2012 after both graduating from university, “We wanted to put fun and excitement into welly wearing weather, and our magical colour changing collection does just that. We first noticed the concept used in babies’ nappies and thought it would be great to apply this to children’s clothing. After two years of research and development we have taken the concept and applied it with a selection of high quality fabrics and materials.”

You can shop the full collection at Holly & Beau.

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