5 Minutes With Zoë From Dress Like A Mum

5 Minutes With Zoë From Dress Like A Mum | CK

Hi Zoë! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?

Hello, i’m Zoë i’m from London and live in Peckham, I have a husband Ben and 2 kids (Art nearly 3 Elfie nearly 1).  I love leopard print and my favourite colour is pink.

We love your blog Dress Like a Mum, what’s the story behind its creation?

DRESS LIKE A MUM started with my Instagram feed where I post a picture of my (breastfeeding friendly) outfit everyday.  During maternity leave with my first son I fell into a lazy default style of jeans and t-shirt so i challenged myself to dress well the second time around, keep my love of clothes and wear more interesting outfits that were possible to breastfeed in.  

I started the campaign and hashtag dresslikeamum to change the bad rep of mum dressing as I often receive comments like – ‘you don’t look/dress like a mum’ – which i couldn’t work out if they were compliments or not.  And if they weren’t compliments why weren’t they..

Due the popularity and the positive response I was getting to the campaign and Instagram feed I decided to launch the website.  At the moment the website contains shopping tips and outfit ideas based around the posts on my Instagram feed.  I have also started a Make-up & Beauty section where i will be testing and recommending products, I also invite other mums to share their tips to.  

The Denim Dress - 5 Minutes With Zoë From Dress Like A Mum | CKZoë From Dress Like A Mum | CK

How would you describe your personal style?

It depends on the occasion but I guess – colourful, casual and a little bit fancy dress.  

What are your staple pieces?

They change all the time but I love denim (jeans, dungarees, skirts, jackets), I love a sparkly knit, I love a see through black top, trainers and i nearly always wear flats.

Do you have a “go-to” outfit?

Recently its been dungarees – they are really good for breastfeeding and are a bit more interesting (and easier to wear) than jeans.  But generally speaking not really, I love wearing different outfits and mixing things up all the time.  If i’ve got a special occasion coming up i tend to start thinking about what look i want to go for as soon as i get the invite!  And day to day i think about what i’m going to wear that day in the shower – and if i’m stuck i start with one thing – like which shoes or top i fancy wearing and use that as the starting point for the rest of the outfit.

If i’m ever late it’s usually because i couldn’t decide what to wear that morning.

Style Tips By Zoë From Dress Like A Mum | CKZoë From Dress Like A Mum | CK

Where’s your favourite places to shop?

I shop a lot online – Topshop, Asos (Asos VIP is the best service), H&M and Zara are my go to high street shops. I love Sales and sites like The Outnet. I also like to discover new, smaller designers. I really love mixing up high street and designer – I have things from jumble sales and pieces by Erdem and Stella MaCartney that i’ve picked up at sample sales.  I also love slightly unexpected brand collaborations like Liberty’s and Nike.

How do you like to dress your children – are they also fashion-conscious like their mum?

I think I dress them a bit like me (or maybe I dress like them!). In fact I often accidentally dress us all in the similar outfits or at least matching.  I’m definitely into dressing them as kids, I like colour and fun things.  My daughter was wearing Topshop Mini and leopard print in her first week of life.

5 Minutes With Zoë From Dress Like A Mum | Chalk KidsA Chat With Zoë From Dress Like A Mum | Chalk Kids

Lastly, what’s been the best part so far about starting Dress Like A Mum?

Having a positive influence on mums and women who are being inspired to try new styles and get back their love of clothes.  I’ve had a few messages from ladies who have said that after seeing me in dungarees they’ve tried and loved them to – its so cool!

Its also good as it makes me think about my outfits everyday, i love putting outfits together and having an audience to inspire and please has kept me creative and motivated to dress well.  I am a bit bored of posing for photos but i can’t stop now!

I am also really excited to see where it leads me – the other side of what i do is that i’m a Brand Strategist and Consultant specialising in marketing to Millennial parents.  I also consult on maternity, nursing collections and styling and my ambition is to make the high street a better place for maternity and nursing clothes.  I would love to collaborate with someone on a game changing nursing range.

Thanks so much for chatting to us Zoë! For more style tips and fashionable ‘non-mum’ outfits check out Zoe’s website & Instagram