5 Minutes With Camilla & Camilla From LUCKYBOYSUNDAY

luckyboysunday PR-shoot 2015
Hi Camilla & Camilla! Can you share with us what inspired you to collaborate and create, LUCKYBOYSUNDAY?

Actually we spent almost 5 years talking about starting something – just circled around the idea. And then finally one day, we knew what to start and began drawing the concept. We created the universe of LUCKYBOYSUNDAY as a platform for an unlimited creative space -anything could happen!

Youโ€™ve built such a distinct brand together, whatโ€™s the best part about working with one another?

We have differents ideas, but at the same time we like the same things. To travel inside someone’s mind and be able to catch the crazy ideas flying around – that’s a very fine experience. But the best part must be that we share the same sarcastic humour ๐Ÿ™‚

5 Minutes With the Creators of Luckyboysunday | CKLuckyboy Sunday Showroom | CK

What was your first ever creation?ย 

Our first collection was launched in August 2008, where we made a small collections of dolls and clothing – total 8 styles ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Youโ€™ve mentioned before you find inspiration from around your city, what is it that youโ€™ll look out for?

We look at colours, people’s fashion statements, art, street art, and most important: what no one sees, and what’s missing.ย 

How do your ideas then come to life?

We start drawing our ideas for a new season, and then we melt our ideas by drawing on each other’s drawings. Then the drawings are made into work sketches, which is handed over to our manufactures, from there we enter the sample making journey which continues until we think it’s a perfect/imperfect LUCKYBOYSUNDAY product.

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Why do you think both children and adults alike love your creations?ย 

Some of our designs – which LUCKYBOYSUNDAY is mostly known for – reflect a feeling or a mood, which we think everybody can relate too. Adults and children react differently toย the dolls, but everybody has a response thatย they didnยดt expect from a doll. Think that’s why people like them.

What’s a typical day like in the LUCKYBOYSUNDAY studio?

We have our office in a beautiful old 300 m2 apartment with wooden floors and a perfect view over the busy street below.ย When we enter the door all this starts: A lot of time is spent at our desks with laptops, replying to emails, talking to retailers, following up on our productions around the world, designing, developing our company and polishing our strategies. And then a whole lot of tasks that are a lot less romantic. But once in while we run off to seek inspiration somewhere, or to juggle ideas. And also we show at Maison & Objet in Paris twice a year.

little nulle

Lastly, do you have any exciting new products coming up that you can tell us about?

As you might know, we have recently introduced “Little Nulle” – a fake fur fellow. The story is, that when our knitted dolls are born they come out really fury and cute, and rumour has it ย that more little fury friends are following in fall. A whole bunch of them in fact, and I can tell you – if you promise not to tell – that a leopard has also crossed our way.

Thanks so much to Camilla & Camilla for chatting to us! To catch all the latest LUCKYBOYSUNDAY news follow them on Facebook or on Instagram.

  • EmmaTaylorMade

    oh my goodness I just got ridiculously excited at reading that they’re will be a fury leopard in their next collection!! I heart LuckyBoySunday xo

    • I know! Can’t wait to see the new fury friends, especially the leopard ๐Ÿ™‚ x