The Dress Every Pregnant Woman Needs


As a 33-year-old mum I’m finally at a stage in life where I’m happy to admit there are some things I’m good at. Things like ignoring recipes, sneaking on buses and checking my phone while changing a nappy. But, when it comes to many other things, like keeping plants alive, remembering which day is library day and filling out forms correctly, I still suck.

One of my biggest weaknesses? Dressing in smart, comfy gear for working at home (and by working at home, I mean doing all that child raising stuff that some people call staying at home – which is actually way more work than being at work, amiright??).

Dressing for the office? I’m all over it. I’ve got a wardrobe of great jeans and cool shirts, done. Slobby Sunday style? Easy. I’ve got a closet of Adidas trackies that would make 2Chainz proud. But when it comes to that in-betweeny, running-to-the-shops, picking-up-the-kids look? I’m hopeless!

So, through my second pregnancy I made it my mission to crack the Da Vinci Code of caszj (or however you spell that word that’s the front part of casual). And, well, I did it.


That’s it. One word. Simple, huh? And it is. If you stick to those beautiful, basic black or navy Breton stripe pieces you’re sorted. Simply add rich, autumn-coloured extras (think burgundy, caramel, forest green or camel hats, boots and bags) and you’ve got that effortless Alexa-meets-Rosie-meets-Kate thing down. Plus a big, beautiful bump towards the end – beat that Alexa!

Best of all, the stripey maternity ensemble is a look that suits blondes and brunettes, petites and long limbs no matter what your skin-tone. In fact, it’s such a good look, I pretty much wore the outfit below every day for nine months straight.


Of course, the bits and bobs I’m wearing in these shots are from Australia (if you asked me, I’d be one of those annoying people who say things like “Oh, I picked up this hat at a cute little vintage stall at Bellingen markets” URGH). So I’ve gone and sussed out the most excellent striped dresses from a bunch of stores that ship internationally. Check it out below and let me know what you think.

Are you planning to jump on the stripey bandwagon?

Do you fancy any of the below?

Will you make like Jean Paul Gaultier and dress your kid, your man and your dog only in stripes forever more?


1 | ASOS 2 | Hatch 3| Isla Collective 4 | Hatch 5 | ASOS 6 | Hatch

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