Stokke Crusi Stroller Review

Stokke Crusi Pram Review | CK

Stokke Crusi Review | CK

Stokke Crusi Review | Chalk Kids

I’m sure my husband has gotten a little bored of me always ‘ooh-ing and ‘ahh-ing’ over any Stokke pram we spot when out and about. I just can’t help it, they’re gorgeous! So when we were kindly offered the chance to review the Stokke Crusi I was more than excited for the opportunity. We opted for the black melange shade, as I feel it’s as stylish as it is versatile. 

We’ve been using our beautiful Crusi for the last month and it’s safe to say we’re more than impressed with it and were quickly won over. Whilst it’s a fair bit bigger than our first stroller, I was surprised to find that it was still as simple to use and put together. It’s very light to steer and the adjustable height of the handlebar makes it easy for both parents to use. Thanks to the decent tyres, it handles cobbles and uneven paths like a pro. 

Something else we loved about the Crusi is the higher seating position, which seems to keep Finlay (currently 18 months) settled for longer as he can feel closer and more engaged with us. The seat is simple to adjust with 5 different seating positions to accommodate ‘sleep, rest and active’ modes. There’s a small green button on the side, which shows you that the seat is attached correctly for peace of mind. In addition, the main seat is designed to fit your baby as they grow bigger to 4 years of age. This is one of the things we love most about Stokke’s products – how they conveniently grow with your child! 

However, one downside to the main seat’s functions is that, from what we can see, there isn’t any way to recline the seat once the pram is set up. So, whatever position you place the top seat on the adaptors is the position that the seat has to remain in for the entire outing. This can be problematic when your little one falls asleep sitting up-right as there’s no way to recline them unless you physically remove the whole seat again, which would be too heavy for most people. 

Stokke Crusi Review UKStokke Crusi Pram | Chalk KidsStokke Crusi Pram | CKStokke Crusi pram Review | CK

Finlay will be exactly two when our second baby arrives this Autumn so the fact the Crusi adapts easily to become a double pram is a huge plus for us as a family. I’d initially been worried about having to purchase one of those wide double prams that can barely squeeze through doors and look heavy to manoeuvre! So it’s a relief to know the only change you have to make to your Crusi is to attach the sibling solution seat, which sits neatly beneath the main seat or carrycot.  

I’m looking forward to sharing a separate review of the Crusi used as a double pram later with you! However, like you would in a store we’ve already had a quick try of the sibling seat. We did struggle initially to install the footrest, which was a touch fiddly, but found this Youtube Video helped explain what to do. We also had a shot with Finlay inside to see what he thought of it and were really pleased that he sat in it comfortably. We’re keeping our fingers crossed he still feels this way come September when he’ll be a bit bigger, but in the meantime Finlay’s enjoying having the optimum seat! 

Something important to bring up for those considering buying the Crusi is that the only carseat compatible with the Crusi is the Stokke Izi Go, as unlike the Xplory, there are currently no adaptors available to fit other brands such as Maxi Cosi etc. The plus is that the Izi Go is a very sturdy carseat and simply slots onto the pram with no need for any extra parts – but the downside is you’re obviously restricted to buying this carseat alone if you’re wanting to use it with your pram. From what we can see there’s also no buggy board available for the Crusi either, which isn’t the end of the world, but is still a shame for those who’d like to use one. 

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Overall, the quality of the pram on the whole is extremely impressive. It’s built to last, meaning you can feel confident with your investment. When you’re using a stroller just about everyday you want something that’s practical as well as stylish and for us the Stokke Crusi definitely fits the bill. I hope this review has been helpful to those of you on the hunt for your perfect pram, like always feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or on any of our social media pages.

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*We were sent the Stokke Crusi for review purposes, however all opinions are my own. We’re big fans of Stokke’s products but we’d never feature anything here on Chalk Kids unless we love it.

– Steph x

  • Louise

    Hi! 🙂 how is the Crusi now as your son is older and a bit bigger? The pram is still stabile? We are thinking of buying one! Love the look and feel! Thank you / Louise from Sweden 🙂

  • Sarah Knott

    Looks amazing! Absolutely love all the Stokke products. How grown up and gorgeous is Finlay looking?! Hope you’re all well petal xx

    • Thanks Sarah! Stokke’s products are amazing aren’t they, such excellent quality. We love our Tripp Trapp as well. Aww I know, he seems to be having a lot of growth spurts lately. Hope all’s well with you and little Isla xx