5 Minutes With Designer Rebecca Kiff

5 Minutes With Rebecca KiffHi Rebecca, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! I am a designer and business owner, living in the East Anglian countryside with my husband Dan. I love music, being outside and wildlife.

What’s the story behind your store?

I started off as an illustrator, but I have come from a family where fabrics and sewing was a big part of our lives, so naturally I started merging the two. I saw a gap in the market for bold, but beautifully illustrated, homewares for children and the rest is history!

Can you share a little about your creative process?

I start off by creating some new illustrations. I then scan them in to the computer and tweak them, to test out how they would look as a repeat pattern on fabric. Once I have chosen my final designs, the fabric is printed and then my seamstress and I make up the products. 

5 Minutes With Rebecca Kiff | CKRebecca Kiff | Chalk Kids

Where do your creations come to life?

In my studio at home! I am lucky to have a space at home for work, so I can try and balance work and home life as well as possible. My job can get quite hectic, so having the studio at home allows me to attempt more of a healthy balance.

What inspires your designs?

Most of my designs feature animals, so I guess you could say anything and everything in the natural world! I get inspiration on walks, watching adventure documentaries and just imagining what I would like to see in my own child’s room.

Do you have any exciting new products coming up?

I do indeed! I am about to release the new SS15 collection on April 1st. It will feature animals from the African continent, such as Cheetahs and Zebras. I am also about to launch an exciting collaboration with the master moccasin-maker Chrissy, at Monkey & Mole. I can’t wait to share more details on that one!

Rebecca Kiff With Monkey & Mole | CKRebecca Kiff Bedding | CK

Lastly, congratulations on your pregnancy! What have been your pregnancy essentials so far? 

Thank you! My pregnancy essentials have been yoga and exercise. Without them I may have gone bonkers! Also, I drink lots of water, which has helped keep me hydrated while spending long hours in the studio and prevent too much water retention.

Thanks so much for chatting to us Rebecca! Check out her gorgeous products at rebeccakiff.com or follow her on Instagram