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5 Minutes With Ruby From Salt & Sand Blog | CKLife With Four Kids | CKHi Ruby, tell us a bit about you and your family?

I’m 28, I live with my husband of almost 11 years and my 4 children aged 10, 8, 6 & 3. We also have 2 doggies!

We live in the beautiful county of Suffolk where I have lived all my life, I love living so close to the coast for our frequent beach trips. 

Did you always plan to have a big family?

I came from a family of 5, I knew I would have several children. The number wasn’t ever set in stone for me. 4 seems to be the right number for us now. I always say “never say never” but for now I am settled. 

Do you try (or feel it’s important) to have one-on-one time with each of your children? 

It’s very important. I’m not going to lie, it’s also extremely hard to get this balance right. But once you manage to do it you can see the benefits right away, one on one doesn’t have to take lots of hours or be a whole day out. I make sure even if its 5-10 minutes for one on one to talk to me about anything or help me with something with just us, works. 

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It’s often mentioned that going from one to two kids is the trickiest transition. Did you find this was the case? 

No! For me going from two to three was definitely more of a challenge. With two, you have one parent to each child, two pairs of hands for two kiddies, space for two car seats comfortably in a normal sized car! But once no.3 came along its amazing how quickly you forget all that and just cope with the multiples of everything and just a little more noise!! So going from three to four is a doddle! 

I’m often told I am quite laid back anyway so what some would say is a crazy extra load of work, just isn’t. Organisation is most definitely the answer. Along with routine.

What’s your favourite time of day with your kids?

I’d say it probably has to be when they get in from school. Yes it’s noisy and all I get is “mum I’m hungry, mum what’s for dinner, mum so and so is on the toilet and I need it” but it’s their little faces after them being away all day I get excited about, and I can ask them about their day and they ask about mine. I tell them what we are having for dinner and they are the happy to settle down for the evening, baths out the way and dinner on the table for 5-5.30! 

When you’re not super busy being a mother what do you like to do? 

{laughs} That’s a tough one!! I love being creative. Spending time making something or decorating a new room. Also blogging, it started as a hobby in my spare time and it’s grown quite quickly into more of a place to show case super talented other mummies and product test lots of new brands. I have lots of dreams that one day I may just achieve. I love to draw and doodle which I would like to print onto homewares. But for now I’m taking it one step at a time just enjoying testing my creativity skills.

5 Minutes With Ruby From Salt & Sand Blog | CK5 Minutes With Ruby From Salt & Sand | Chalk Kids5 Minutes With Ruby From Salt & Sand | CK

Do you have any advice for mothers considering expanding their family past two kids? 

Go for it!! If you can afford it, and have the space then that’s all I say to my friends who ask me the same thing. Children don’t need a lot, a clean happy home, love, fun and to be fed!! 

No one is ever ready to be a parent whatever number it is, but if you can try and relax and enjoy what parenthood throws at you then I guarantee you will reap the benefits. When you see them all together it makes it all worth while, yes they all fight and have days not getting on but they’d never be without each other.

What’s the best thing about having four children? 

Its one big adventure in this house, making memories that will last forever. The companionship for each of them. They will always have a friend, someone to muck about with, and be there when the terrible teenage years come! 

5 Minutes With Ruby From Salt & Sand | CK5 Minutes With Ruby From S & S | CK

Thanks so much for taking part Ruby, check out her gorgeous blog Salt & Sand or follow her on Instagram.