Our Family Snapshots From Singapore

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Hi everyone! This month we’ve been lucky enough to get away and are currently out in Singapore visiting my parents and family. As we’ve been regular visitors to Singapore over the years we haven’t been out doing anything particularly touristy and instead have been enjoying many of the family activities available here. Singapore is a children’s paradise, there’s so much to do and even better there’s the weather for it all too! Below are some moments I’ve captured so far from our visit…

1. First visit onto the balcony giving us the perfect view to watch the parrots flying up to the trees.
2. Sleepy boy, battling jet lag by watching Peppa Pig on the TV.
3. Raffles.
4. Lovely light in the living Room.
5. Some of my Mum’s impressive candle collection.
6. Homemade chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.
7. Finlay hanging out in his favourite box.
8. Fresh green juice in the morning.
9. A visit to Dempsey Hill, one of my favourite spots here in Singapore.
10. Delicious pasta at PS Cafe.
11. Another visit to Go Go Bambini Soft Play Centre.
12. Dempsey greenery.
13. A trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.
14. Sweet banana sign Finlay found.
15. Making his own way to the sprinklers.
16. A secret hideaway.
17. Going wild in the water sprinklers.