Storq Maternity Wear



When I fell pregnant I did everything I could to avoid buying any sort of maternity wear. Nothing in the stores inspired me and instead I relied heavily on maxi dresses and oversized blouses already in my wardrobe to dress my bump. I love fashion, but staying stylish whilst expecting was a much harder task than I had initially anticipated. I know I wasn’t alone in feeling this, as speaking with other pregnant women I noticed that many agreed that it was a struggle to find stylish maternity options.

We’ve already shared our love for maternity label Isabella Oliver, however across the pond there’s been plenty of hype surrounding, Storq! A newly launched maternity brand, which focuses on high-quality basics for mums to feel beautiful and confident in. They also offer body and beauty products, that are tailored for pregnant women and are safe for both mum and baby.

Storq currently offers a set of black and white cotton basics (dress, skirt, tank and leggings) that are designed to be your pregnancy essentials and offer effortless style for fashion conscious mums. The key pieces come without tags, few seams and the fabric has lots of stretch so that they’ll see you through all 9/10 months of pregnancy and after. Storq is an american company, however they offer international shipping, which includes the UK!

– Steph x