5 Minutes With Chalk Kids’ Contributing Editor, Steph

To mark our 100th post I thought it would be a nice opportunity to introduce myself in a little more detail from my bio on our about page, so here’s a few Q&A’s that’ll hopefully share a bit more about who’s behind many of the posts you see here on CK!

The Rose Garden | Chalk Kids copyRose | Chalk Kids copyFinlay Bear | Chalk Kids

Share a little about yourself & your family?

Hello again, I’m Steph and I’m a freelance writer and blogger (I previously ran Influence Blog before starting up CK). I met my husband when we were still in school uniforms and we have a one-year-old son, Finlay. Both my husband and I come from expat backgrounds, but home is currently up north in Scotland. I currently split my time between writing and motherhood (plus reading, yoga, and watching american tv shows geared at teenage audiences).

Why did you start Chalk Kids?

I started Chalk Kids out of a love and interest for kid’s fashion. I’ve always been drawn to brands that are a little different from the norm and when I found out I was expecting Finlay I was determined to find the baby versions. I love brands that don’t conform to trends or stereotypes and have a personality all of their own.

I decided to include ‘mama’ & ‘lifestyle’ elements in Chalk Kids too, as personally I love blogs that share a mixture of family and lifestyle content. Just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean all your interests suddenly change! I hope it helps keep our blog posts fresh and varied, so that there’s a little something for everyone. It’s great when you don’t feel overly limited on what you can post about.

Where did the name Chalk Kids come from?

Trying to name Chalk Kids was difficult! I bounced some ideas around my family and husband (some of his suggestions, bless him: Blusher & Babies, Lashes & Lullabies, Prams & Prada…) My Mum suggested something with the word ‘chalk’ and I instantly loved that notion of scribbling on a chalkboard, from cute pictures to long lists of creative ideas! After checking what was available domain name wise, Chalk Kids was settled upon and I think it suits this blog perfectly.

Finlay Ears | Chalk KidsFinlay | Chalk KidsFinlay in the roses | Chalk Kids copyFinlay Waddler Jumper | Chalk Kids

Do you have any dreams/goals for the near future?

Yes! So many. I’d love to expand our family (is it weird I already have future baby names picked out). There’s lots of directions I’d love to see Chalk Kids go in, but right now I want to focus on sharing fun and inspiring content. One of my life’s goals is to have a book (or two, or three) published. I studied creative writing as part of my degree at university, but I’ve wanted to write, write, write ever since I was little. I wrote and illustrated my first “novel” when I was 7,  based on a showjumping pony. Sadly I lost the manuscript, but who knows what kind of book deal that might have lead to………. 😉

What would you do on a perfect day? 

A perfect day would include breakfast in bed (browsing Pinterest, Instagram & Blogs), and receiving a surprise package or card in the mail, then spending the rest of the day out and about somewhere pretty with my family. Rounded off by an evening curled up on the sofa reading a great book or watching a series. Perfect day!

What’s your favourite food?

We do love asian cuisine in our household, my favourite would have to be Thai & Japanese – Finlay’s already tried his first sushi bowl and he didn’t hate it.

Leaf Finlay | Chalk Kids copyCaught a fox cub Chalk KidsSteph & Finn copyautumn leaves | chalk kids

Who are your favourite designers?

For the kids: Macarons, Waddler, Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Zara (I have loads more, basically any brand that’s been featured on CK I love). For me: I’m all for quality over quantity A.P.C, Ace & JigAnthropologie & Maison Scotch are a few of my current favourites.

Favourite quote?

I’m obsessed with quotes, I have a whole Pinterest board full of them. But one I’ve always lived by is, “what you give out is what you attract.” I’m a big believer that the energy you send out is the energy you’ll receive in return. It’s important to have a positive outlook!

In addition to this post some of these photos were taken as part of Waddler’s photography competition! Check out the details here. Finlay’s Outfit: Waddler Wolf & Bear Hooded Jumper, Trommpo Trousers, Freshly Picked Moccasins

Thanks for reading!! x

  • Mari hay

    I know this is more of a question than comment but I’ve always thought about starting a blog, hopefully leading onto a business idea, but wondered how you keep going in the interim without making any money?
    Also how did you learn about all the rules behind blogging , especially for images etc, sorry I often read your posts, but haven’t really commented before! Love the style of your website!

    • That’s ok! It’s great you’re wanting to start a blog. I’d suggest doing a blogging course as they’re a brilliant way to teach you how to set up a blog and full of useful tips (the A Beautiful Mess blogging e-course is one of my favourites). Most bloggers have jobs too and other sources of income, so posts are often written during free time and then scheduled throughout the week. In terms of rules, you really learn as you go but in regards to images they should always be credited and it’s good to ask permission when possible too. I hope this helps and thanks for reading. Steph 🙂

  • I loved reading this Steph, such beautiful photos and congrats on 100 posts!! I love that quote and your perfect day sounds amazing! x