Maternity Style Featuring EatLoveTrain

Emma's Maternity Style | Chalk KidsHi Emma, how would you describe your pregnant style?

Bright & Bold – just because I was pregnant it didn’t mean I had to fly under the style radar and start wearing mumsy wrap tops and baggy tees. I wanted to embrace my new and changing body and feel good about myself so I wore bold patterns and lots of bright colours.

My pregnancy style mantra was “accessorise” – pile on the bangles, rock a pair of hoop earrings, carry a neon clutch, paint your nails in the brightest coral shade you can find.  This is your time to shine.

What were your maternity staples that kept you stylish and comfortable while pregnant?

In terms of comfort, maternity vest tops from Topshop were a must have (£6 each). I wore these under everything, they kept my silhouette streamline and the extra layer of clothing gave me a feeling of protecting bump.

Blouses – so easy to wear plus you can dress them up or down. I liked to wear mine buttoned up with a statement necklace on top.

Which leads me to my main maternity must haves – jewellery and lipsticks. It is amazing how a bold shade of lippie and a statement necklace can lift your whole look … and mood.

It is totally normal to feel self conscious about your body changing (and expanding!). By wearing a  piece of “neckswag” and a bold lipstick you are immediately drawing peoples eyes to your face and neck and away from your “child bearing hips!”

Plus you don’t have to spend a fortune, you can pick up a lippie and necklace for less than £10 on the high street. They’ll see you through from bump to baby and beyond.

Emma's Maternity Style | Chalk Kids

Did you have any challenges learning to dress your bump?

Yes, learning to embrace flats and say goodbye (for now) to high heels.

Prior to pregnancy my wardrobe was all about blouses and vests tucked in to cigarette pants or waist cinching skirts. This style doesn’t work with a bump, so it was all about finding clothes that worked with my new body without sacrificing my style.

I used magazines, blogs and Pinterest as sources of inspiration, looking at how other pregnant ladies dressed their bumps.

Each Sunday I would “play dress up” and select my outfits for the week ahead. This meant no morning panics or strops about what to wear.  Your hormones are all over the place during pregnancy so anything you can do to eliminate any addition stress or anxiety – do it!  Plus, make the most of being able to spend an hour each week trying on clothes and jewellery, because when baba arrives there’s no time for any of that!

Where do you like to shop? 

Zara (for blouses and necklaces), Topshop (for skirts and vests) ASOS – they have an extensive maternity section and it’s so easy to order and try everything on at home.  Which is good when you are pregnant and don’t fancy facing the unflattering high street changing room lights. Primark, if you take the time to look through the rails you can find some great fashion trend items. I bought a few long length patterned blouses from there that worked really well with my bump and were just £12 each (I’ve also found these button down blouses great when breast feeding – easy access!)

What was the biggest surprise to you about pregnancy?

The realisation and understanding of how amazing the female body is. The way your body adapts and changes as it creates a new little life inside you – breathtaking really when you think about it.

It gave me a real sense of appreciation and respect for my body.

Emma's Maternity Style | Chalk Kids

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