DIY Chalkboard Walls

DIY Chalkboard WallChalkboard Walls Chalkboard Walls Chalkboard Walls Chalkboard Walls

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DIY chalkboard walls are a creative and unique way to add a personal touch to any kids’ space, allowing your little ones to unleash their inner artist! Don’t worry about diving straight in with the paint – If you feel apprehensive about painting an entire wall, as a starting point, try using a wall decal or hanging up a framed chalkboard to see how that works with your space. Alternatively, painting a simple square of chalkboard will keep the novelty without being too drastic.

Chalkboard walls are easy and affordable to create at home as they only require a few simple steps to make yourself (roll up those sleeves!) You can check out this great step-by-step guide by DIY Network here. The special chalkboard paint needed can be found in most craft and home improvement stores, as well as online. Laura Ashley’s Chalkboard Paint or Hudson Paint offers a range of different colours to match with your decor!

And why limit it to the kids’ rooms? These walls also work particularly well in the kitchen and can be used to create quirky menus or to-do lists. Have fun!