5 Funny Confessions by a new Mum – Romeca Acharya

New Mum Confessions

Today we’ve asked Londoner, Romeca Acharya from Beauty, Bump & Me to share five new mum confessions with us. Keep reading to find out if you’re also a guilty party!

1. It takes roughly 4 cups of coffee, plenty of galaxy chocolate and a vodka and coke to get me through the day.

2. I sometimes lie to my fiancé about how rough and tiresome my day has been (even though Max has slept and been amazing) just so he’ll feel sorry for me and do the night feed. Extra sleep for me!

3. I pretend I need the toilet but really I’m refreshing all social media platforms. On occasions my other half has asked if I was feeling okay as I’ve taken so long!

4. When Max goes down for the night, I do the moon walk repeatedly around my living room because I’m so excited for baby free time. Then half an hour later I’m flicking through pics of him on my phone wishing he’d wake up!

5. I sometimes pretend Max is having a meltdown just so I can get out of a meet up with friends or a family party. All I fancy doing is lounging around in sweats, with greasy hair and no make up. The thought of having to get ready and leave the house is terrifying and just hard work!